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    Introducing a new line of GamuT speakers

    The GamuT Phi-i-series

    The new Phi-i series continues the well-renowned Phi-series with an elegant slim Scandinavian design and a very high build-quality.

    Utilizing trickle-down technology and DNA from GamuT’s critically acclaimed reference speakers – the RS-i series – the new Phi-i speakers were totally redesigned and optimized in almost every aspect. The sound is big and very involving, and great attention has been paid to have correct timing and an organic sound that involves the listener emotionally.

    Minimalistic use of damping-material has created a very dynamic and linear low frequency reproduction, while at the same time making in-room placement of the speaker much easier and more versatile and able to be placed closer to the wall.

    The crossovers have been completely redesigned. This has resulted in a much more linear and natural sound, which is clearly audible throughout the whole line.

    The crossover has been designed to time-align all drive units at listening distance – The result is a speaker which not only presents a big and precise soundstage – it also greatly improves the timing of the speakers over the entire frequency range – providing that emotional connection we all look for while listening to music.

    Because of the extensive internal changes to the cabinet and crossover, upgrading old models to the new i-version is not possible.


    AUDIO SKIES will be showcasing at:

    RMAF in Denver Oct 5-7 

    World premiere of the new Larsen 9 speakers

    GamuT, Larsen, Pear Audio Blue, Levin Design & Pneupod in room 6018

    Raidho & ScanSonic in room 1024

    North American premiere of the Raidho TD 4.8

    World Premiere of the new ScanSonic MB-b-line of speakers

    Toronto AudioFest Oct 19-21 in Toronto

    Larsen, Pear Audio Blue & Levin Design in room 444

    Capitol Audio Fest Nov. 2-4 in Washington DC

    GamuT, Larsen, Pear Audio Blue & Levin Design


    AUDIO SKIES is proud to announce that we represent Pneupod as their exclusive distributor for North America. Pneupod are the brilliant innovative isolation devices/feet that can be used under any components or platform to dramatically enhance the performance. It world premiered at Axpona 2018, where is astounded and impressed the Audio Press and audiences as well. Contact us for nearest dealer or for more info.

    See more under BRANDS or at:



    Another amazing Larsen review for the Larsen 4 speakers:

    “The tonal balance, thanks to the help of the rear wall, which has been carefully taken ito account by the designer, is simply perfect: the bass range is powerful, articulated and never boomy”

    Lucio Cadeddu, TNT Audio

    Larsen 4 review


    RAIDHO TD 4.8 speakers

    Raidho is awarded PFO’s Audio Oasis for the new Raidho TD 4.8 speakers

    “The bass was deep, sure, and the upper reaches were nicely upper, but it was more the fact that everything was coming together in an organic, harmonic way…that the TD-4.8’s were actually performing in a way that made me feel an emotional connection to the music:

    Editor-in-Chief David Robinson, PFO

    Impressions:  The Munich High-End Show 2018, Part 2, and Audio Oasis! Awards


    GamuT, Raidho and Pear Audio Blue will all be present at the Munich High-End show May 10-13th. We will be present to meet interested dealers and costumers. Send us an email to set up an appointment.


    RAIDHO now represented by Audio Skies

    AUDIO SKIES is very proud to now also represent the amazing Raidho speakers in the US. GamuT’s Chief Designer Benno Baun Melgaard is now also the chief designer for Raidho and will be the chief designer on all future Raidho speakers as well as continuing to be chief designer for GamuT. The two companies will continue as before delivering the very best in high-end audio.

    Raidho speakers have a multitude of awards and great reviews and are well known for producing the very best drivers in the high-end audio business, which are all produced in-house in Denmark. Their signature ribbon tweeter is at the heart of all Raidho speakers regardless of price.

    Dealer inquires are welcome. Contact us for nearest dealer or more info.

    See more info under Brands or click this link to be brought to Raidho’s website:





    On news-stands now, the Hi-Fi Choice Yearbook 2017 singles out the greatest-sounding audio products reviewed by the magazine’s expert team throughout the year. Every product listed is a coveted Hi-Fi Choice badge winner – hardly an easy accomplishment given the “staggering number of high-performance components emerging to feed our passions in increasingly innovative ways,” writes editor Lee Dunkley. Among the chosen few is the multi award-winning Larsen 8 floorstanding loudspeaker by Swedish brand Larsen.

    The world of high-end audio may be a niche market but still it can feel a tad crowded at times, as the many and various companies and products jostle to distinguish themselves from an increasing number of competitors. One Swedish loudspeaker brand, however, stands effortlessly out from the crowd. Literally, as it happens.

    While most loudspeakers depend on an ideal in-room position in order to perform at their best (and as a result take up a vast chunk of most people’s modest living rooms, both physically and visually), Larsens are designed to put the ‘room’ back into ‘living room’ by cleverly using surface sound reflections to their advantage to enrich the listening experience rather than degrading it.

    The loudspeakers stand flush against the rear wall of the listening room, using the wall to create a deep and full bass from a relatively compact cabinet. This placement, combined with the unique positioning of the speakers’ drivers, virtually eliminates the wall as a source of colouration. The net effect is a large, spacious, deep, and wide soundstage that holds up as you move around the room – so there’s also no need to fight over that one single ‘sweet spot’ when listening with friends.

    In typical Scandiavian style, the finish and build look clean, simple and understated. “Further investigation reveals things are far more complex,” notes the Hi-Fi Choice review team as it inspects the innovative positioning and angles of the Larsen 8’s five drivers.

    “This is a masterpiece of design, rooted in understanding empirical sound qualities and refined from detailed listening in real-world rooms rather than simply nodding to the received wisdom,” the team concludes.

    “If you think you need a dedicated subwoofer or monster speakers to create quality bass, think again… this is one extraordinary speaker.”

    “A joy to live with.”


    “the bass lines literally shook things on shelves in the room on the track “Royals.” What struck me even more, was how effortless the soaring vocal track was, and how it just played into the room with no sense of strain or difficulty…I think these are wonderful speakers and could happily live with them.”
    Steve Lefkowicz – Positive Feedback Online

    See full review on Positive-feedback.com


    “Handmade, craftsman-like in its execution, this is without a doubt the best record brush that I’ve ever used.

    The Levin Design Record Cleaning Brush wins one of my Brutus Awards for 2017, and a “Ye Olde Editor’s Very Highest Recommendation!” with pleasure.”

    Editor-in-Chief David W. Robinson, PFO


    “the Larsen 6.2 is a definite overachiever when it comes to bass output and dynamics that won’t leave most listeners uninvolved—whether with late-Romantic symphonic repertoire or energetic pop and rock… the 6.2s will effectively transmit the power and excitement of large-scale music of all sorts because of all the things it does so well… the Larsen 6.2 deserves a very, very long listen”
    Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound, Oct 2017
    GamuT, Larsen, Pear Audio Blue & Levin Design will be at the
    Capitol Audio Fest, Washington DC, room 301 & 323
    GamuT M250i MONO AMPS
    “It’s (M250i) winning combination of tube-like liquidity, bloom and musicality coupled with solid-state grip, tonal neutrality and operational consistency…I was so bewitched that I bought the review samples”
    Kirk Midtskog, The Absolute Sound, Sep 2017


    AUDIO SKIES is proud to announce we just became the exclusive North American distributor for Levin Design handmade record brushes. We mostly demo an analog source at shows and dealers and the Levin record brush is the best brush we have ever tried. It actually absorbs the dust and dirt instead of just pushing it around the record. 
    The brushes are gorgeous, handmade with real animal hair, washable, durable and come in a variety of read wood finishes. Matching cartridge brushes are also available.
    Starting at $99
    The Levin record cleaning brushes are produced by traditional brush manufacturing methods, that means the natural hairs are pulled in by hand.

    –  it is an antistatic brush

               –  has a new geometry, the dust is absorbed from the record surface into 
       the natural goat hair structure. 

    –  handle has been extended so that a beautiful haptic is created (approx. 16.cm) 
    –  a various range of handle materials (technical plastic and precious wood ) 

     –  sustainable / durable
        –  handmade in Germany 

    Insightful review of GamuTs new flagship speaker ZODIAC from Editor-in-Chief David Robinson,
    including a review of the GamuT M250i mono and D3i Dual-mono preamp.
    “In sum, the GamuT Reference System sets a new standard for the fusion of rich, organic musicality with transparency and dynamics. It therefore earns a “Ye Olde Editor’s ‘Very Highest Recommendation!’ – and with real passion!”
    Editor-in-Chief David W. Robinson
    See the full review of the GamuT reference components below:
    GamuT is awarded the prestigious Brutus Award from Editor-in-Chief David W. Robinson for GamuT’s new Flagship ZODIAC speaker, GamuT’s M250i mono amps and GamuT’s D3i Dual-mono preamp.
    See the full review on the ZODIAC speaker and GamuT amps in the review above.
           GamuT_Audio_M250i_amp                                 GamuT_Audio_M250i_amp
    LA AUDIO SHOW 2017
    Gamut LAAS 2017 Audio_Oasis_GamuT_Pear_Audio_Blue
    Best Sound Award for both the GamuT RS3i & RS5i speakers and GamuT amps and Pear audio Blue turntable and Phono stage at LA Audio Show.
    “the superb Gamut RS3 two-way compact being fed with Pear Audio ’table and all Gamut electronics and cabling. As I listened to Peter Gabriel’s “Mercy Street,” I arrived at a new appreciation for this speaker. I’ve been impressed by the RS3 in the past, but this was the best “show” example of its wide-ranging capability. A real giant killer of a compact.”
    Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound – June 2017
    AXPONA 2017
    AXPONA 2017 Gamut Audio_Oasis_GamuT_Pear_Ortofon_Kyomi
    Best Sound awards for both the GamuT RS7i & RS3i speakers and GamuT amps and Pear Audio Blue turntable and phono stage at Axpona
    larsen logo
    “the Model 4 Larsen speakers might be the holy grail for some… exceptional performance in a package that integrates easily with their life and lifestyle”
    Larry Cox, PFO
    larsen logo
    “This is a masterpiece of design…it does an amazing job of disappearing, until it produces such sweet music that heads turn…The Larsen 8 is an unfussy load that’s extremely forgiving in any room, delivering huge images and highly dynamic, musical sonics without every being wrong footed”
    Chris Ward, HiFi Choice
    Kyomi Audio & GamuT Invites you to a memorable event
    Saturday March 18th in Chicago
    GamuT’s new RS7i full range speakers
    GamuT’s M250i mono amps & D3i Preamp
    GamuT’s new complete line of Reference cables
    Kyomi Audio is hositng a GamuT’ event in Chicago, featuring GamuT’s Chief Engineer Benno Baun Meldgaard who will be explaining and demonstrating his latest innovative speaker and amplifier designs
    and optimizing speaker. Refreshments will be served.
    Space is limited, so please RSVP to: 
    312-513-2759 or email: george@kyomiaudio.com
    Chicago, IL


    The following models all received TAS Editor’s Choice Award:

    GamuT RS3i speakers

    GamuT D200i dual-mono power amp

    GamuT M5 speakers

    Larsen 8 speakers

    Pear Audio Blue – Kid Thomas/Cornet 2 turntable/tonearm

    REVIEW pear audio logo

    “I reserve the small handful of Publishers Choice Awards for the components that are my absolute favorites of the year, and the Kid Howard (turntable) is not only on my list for the year, but it’s also on my favorite tables of all time list.”

    Jeff Dorgay, Editor Tone Audio


    RMAF 2016



    “Michael along with Benno Baun Meldgaard of gamuT, one of the top engineers in high-performance audio, today, achieved the best sound I experienced at the RMAF 2016 without rival.

    We played Vanessa Fernandez’s “Here but I’m Gone” and the soundstage was huge; the integration flawless – tight bass, multi-layered mids and highs. I’ll go as far as to say that anyone in the room at the time who was not moved by this session should just check in at the morgue. Clarity, musicality and depth of sound that was, and I believe, will be, nearly impossible to surpass. Room included GamuT electronics and Pear Audio turntable.”

                                                                     Peter Breuninger, AV Showrooms


    “I think the word dynamic should be in all-capital letters. GamuT amps are heavy to lift and sport fist-sized industrial MOSFETS that can be romantic or rough on demand. Mostly, however, they just disappear.

    The GamuT system featured their RS3i loudspeakers ($19,990) coupled to the M250i mono amps ($12,990/each) and the D3i Dual-Mono preamp ($8390)—and all cabling was by GamuT. But the part I loved best and the part that I sensed made the sound big and fast was: the Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas turntable/Cornet 2 tonearm with external power supply ($9990), plus the Pear Audio Blue reference phono stage ($4495). All the good sounds were swept from those black grooves by the Ortofon Cadenza Black MC cartridge ($2750).”

    Herb Recihardt, Stereohile


    “I loved the entire system immediately, like it was my own. But better. It was that sort of warm, nostalgic sound that made me feel at home. But better. With a deep, full bass, thick, creamy mid-layers, and the gentlest of highs, I realized: this is my favorite room of the show. But better. ”

    Jana Dagdagan, Stereophile 
    “There are many systems that do piano pretty well, but fewer that deliver a tone that really makes you sit up and take notice. Harris, who was mounting a comeback after some fallow years, plays with expert touch and sophistication on this LP.
    Whether it was the high-frequency reach of the RS3i transducers or the quality of the rest of the system (probably both), the tone and pace of Harris’ performance was impressive. Brown’s bass also was deep and tuneful, and drums had the impact of a live kit.
    Overall, GamuT seemed to make a good argument for letting one brand (nearly) do it all.”
     John Stancavage, PartTime Audiophile
    REVIEW larsen logo

    “The final aspect of the Larsen speakers that is highly commendable is their natural tonality. The seven-inch woofer provides quick, tight, punchy bass, with a smooth midrange and transition to the soft dome tweeter. Listening to some early Bill Evans, the Larsen’s nail the complex overtones of the piano with ease, not a feat all speakers can accomplish. A similar outcome is achieved with any recording full of acoustic instruments. Vocals, both male and female are equally rewarding to listen to through these speakers, and no matter what your pleasure, they will satisfy.”

    Editor Jeff Dorgay, Audiophile Apartment

    Read the full review here. A longer review of the Larsen speakers will follow in Tone Audio.



    MODEL LAUNCH pear audio logo

    Pear Audio Blue introduces their newest turntable, Capt. John Handy, like all Pear Audio Blue models, its named after a New Orleans jazz musician. The Capt. Handy uses the same motor as the top model Kid Thomas, and also the same unique solid wood plinth material as the top model, and the same platter as the pricer Kid Howard model. But the Capt. handy has the compact size of the Robin Hood turntable. Great value and amazing sound in a compact beautiful turntable, that fits into everyones home and very affordable. Pictured here with the Cornet 1 tonearm. As with all Pear Audio Blue turntables, we offer a $400-$500 savings when you buy a Pear Audio Blue turntable and tonearm together,



    “I like the out-of-the-ordinary, possibly because I have been disappointed by the ordinary often enough that I’m not uncomfortable looking elsewhere. So I’ll admit up-front that I was predisposed toward enjoying Larsen loudspeakers, from Sweden, which are designed to perform their best, not in an anechoic chamber but in a real room, when positioned up against a real wall. Even that bit of psychological preconditioning didn’t prepare me for how impressed I was by the Larsen 8 ($7000/pair), driven by a GamuT Di150 integrated amplifier ($12,990), itself fed by a Pear Audio Blue Kid Howard turntable ($5000 w/tonearm) and an Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge.

    On a variety of recordings—the Annie Lennox album Nostalgia, Claudia Gomez’s Salamandra, a solo recording by cellist Elinor Frey—this system sounded alive, not with distortion but with the constant flux of tension and release associated with real music. Bass notes, while slightly (and pleasantly) plummy, came across with unusually good momentum and timing. Top-to-bottom tonal balance was just about perfect. Beautifully saturated timbral colors were present and accounted for. Spatial performance, though lacking the abundant sense of “stage” depth prized by some, was characterized by very solid, substantial images. And tactile nuance and force were satisfying. In six words: I could live with this system. In one word: wow.”

    Art Dudley, Stereophile

    “Michael Vamos kindly played the live LP `When All Hell Freezes Over’ by The Eagles. The classic track, Hotel California, convinced me of the loudspeaker’s ability to produce bass with amazing solidity and punch—while against the wall, and the soundstage was large and 3-dimensional.”

    Karl Sigman, Audiophila

    “what I heard was a wide and modestly deep sound stage, precisely focused vocals, solid imaging across the stage, deep and propelling bass drive, great tone, and I just relaxed and let the music take me for a ride. From Sheffield Labs Direct Discs to Neil Diamond the system had plenty of information and dynamic contrasts, never sounded thin, and made my head bounce to the music. The Pear Kid Howard turntable looked beautiful and contributed to the musical involvement I was enjoying from the system. Jose also showed a smaller system also with Larsen speakers, Larsen 4 ($1995 per pair), and another Pear TT, Robin Hood with Cornet 1 arm ($2995) that was a value bargain.”

                                                                             Kemper Holt, Enjoy The Music


    “Pear Audio named its latest turntable the Captain John Handy after the great blues master. One step up from the entry-level Robin Hood, the Captain John Handy is priced at $3500 with the Cornet 1 arm and $4490 with the Cornet 2 arm. Compared with the Robin Hood, this new ’table features improved feet, greater motor isolation, and a thicker platter. The ’table is available in two finishes. Pear Audio also showed a new top-of-the-line Blue Reference phonostage ($4500). The system sounded quite wonderful feeding the Gamut Di150 limited-edition integrated amplifier and Larsen 8 loudspeakers ($6995), all wired with Gamut cabling. The Larsen speakers, you may recall, are designed to be placed flush with the wall behind them. Despite this placement, the system threw a deep and dimensional soundstage. The sound also had a relaxed ease and musical engagement.”

    Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound

    “the demo of the Larsen 8 speakers ($6995/pair), GamuT electronics and Pear Audio Blue turntable has always deserved a spot due to its overall excellent sound. The Larsen speakers are designed to go up against the wall and use the wall and floor boundaries to great effect.

    Steve Lefkowicz, Positive Feedback

    “Larsen Model 8. Coupled with Gamut Integrated amplifier, as well as Pear Audio Blue’s phono stage, turntable and tonearm, the sound was sweet, with treble extension and detail that does not mean the sweetness is arrived at with a lacquer coating. Fine filigree treble was easily distinguished.”

    Larry Cox, Positive feedback

    “Always one of the best sounding rooms at a show, the combination of Pear Audio turntable and phono stage with GamuT amplifiers and loudspeakers is a sure fire success.”

    HiFi+, Alan Sitcom


    GamuT: My favorite cost-no-object room at AXPONA, and no, it wasn’t the most expensive — not by a looooong shot. Besides, “Lobster Chair”? Oh yes, come to Papa.

    Scot Hull, Parttime Audiophile

    “There are many companies that create the entire sonic chain in house. GamuT is one of my favorites. In spite of a room that had walls acting as huge bass loading devices Benno and Michael Vamos of Audio Skies, the US Distributor, were able to bring most of the room under heel and present a spectacular soundstage using their RS7 speakers ($39,000 USD) set up with their M250i monoblock amps ($26,000 USD per pair) the D3i Dual Mono Preamp ($8995 USD) and their CD3 Compact Disc player. Turntable was a Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas with their Cornet 2 tonearm. Big speakers are not fans of small rooms or lots of glass. However, in spite of these challenges this was a terrific sounding room. Once again GamuT brought the quality.”

    Eric Neff, HiFi+

    “The GamuT D3i dual-mono preamplifier ($8390) uses the MOSFET technology GamuT pioneered in its power amplifiers to eliminate crossover distortion. It sports a non-magnetic chassis, internally shielded separate power supplies for each channel, high bandwidth and low impedance. Additionally, the D3i can accept GamuT’s new phonostage. In a mostly all-GamuT system with the company’s M250imonoblock amplifiers, Zodiac speakers, and Reference cables, Gary Karr’s string bass sounded very natural and extended, and had excellent focus. Moreover, I couldn’t hear any background noise. Nice! “

    Jim Hannon, The Absolute Sound



     pear audio logogamut-logo

    Gamut AXPONA 2016Audio_Oasis_GamuT_Pear_Ortofon_Isotek

    David Robinson, Editor-in-chief, PFO – Axpona 2016

    “The music in this room was deliciously organic and wonderfully right. The Pear Audio turntable system simply vanishes into the grooves, producing a sound that is harmonically on, with a sense of rhythm and excellent dynamic slam. LP followed LP. The detail was really good; grooves were handled quietly; and I felt that wonderful sense of relaxation as I was here. Damned wonderful sound!”

    See David Robsinson’s full report on our room at this link:

    Positive Feedback Audio Oasis 2016

    AWARDS larsen logo

    Larsen 8 speaker is awarded The Editor’s Choice Award from The Absolute Sound, for the 2nd year in a row.




     pear audio logogamut-logo

    GamuT had the world premiere of their amazing new Zodiac speakers. Played on GamuT’s monos M250i, D3i Dual-mono preamp, Pear Audio Blue – Kid Thoma/Cornet 2 turntable tonearm, Pear Audio Reference phono stage and complete set of GamuT’s Reference cables.

    Gamut ces 2016

    “Once again, Gamut gets “Gold”.  Benno Baun Meldgaard, the designer of both the Gamut loudspeakers and electronics, along with Michael Vamos, the North American distributor were showing their new flagship loudspeaker, The Zodiac.  Unrivaled sound with these big speakers giving your ears airy top-ends, heart-breakingly beautiful mids and the Gamut signature base that is so well integrated.”



    pear audio logogamut-logo

    Usually we showcase with the Kid Thomas turntable, but at the NY audio show, we used GamuT Di150 LE integrated Dual-mono integrated amp, GamuT amazing RS3 speaker, all GamuT Reference cables, the Kid Howard/Cornet 2 turntable/tonearm and the Pear Audio Reference phono stage and was awarded Best Sound:

    Audio Skies NY 2015

    “North American distributor, Michael Vamos, was not only one of the best for sound at the show, but could be ranked in my top 100 exhibit rooms of the thousands of rooms I’ve visited at audio shows over the years.  GamuT RS3 loudspeakers with big and natural sound along with the Gamut integrated amp and Pear Audio Turntable.  Santana’s Abraxas album – never heard it sound better.  Sensational.  Every instrument was separated and in its proper place.  Little speakers, huge sound with the bass perfectly integrated.  Imaging at its best.”

    AV Showrooms, Dec 2015


    RMAF 2015 468x60


    larsen logo

    “At RMAF Aurender used the Larsen Model 8 Ortho-Acoustic loudspeakers. These speakers are really nice for audio shows in that the off-axis sound is nearly identical to that of the sweet spot. Plus, when someone walks in front of the loudspeaker, one hardly notices a change in the sound. Anyone who has visited an audio show knows there can be serious issues in a small crowded room and these loudspeakers are a great solution. I really liked what I heard in the Aurender room and experienced my favorite moment of the entire show in this room… As soon as JP hit play I new this couldn’t be topped at RMAF 2015. I was not going to hear anything I liked more than this during the entire show.”

    The Computer Audiophile, Oct 2015


    “A final nod of approval goes to Aurender’s choice of loudspeakers and their decision to buck prevailing RMAF practice and fire ’em across the width of the room: Sweden’s Larsen Model 8 proved just right for the hotel room’s less well compliant acoustics. Marvellous.”

    John H. Darko, Digital Audio Review, October 2015


    “the very interesting Larsen 8 speakers ($6,995) that are meant to be placed smack up against the wall so they use those otherwise problematic planes to send the music around your room, more or less. The takeaway for the Larsen speakers: the room is the sweet spot.”

    Michael Lavorgna, AudioStream, October 2015


    “I quite enjoyed my brief time in the Audio Skies/Aurender room. As I recall, it was pretty full, and there was no way to take more than a brief listen. Anchored by the Aurender N10 Caching Network Music Player with 4TB storage ($7,999), the system included Larsen’s Model 8 Ortho-Acoustic loudspeakers ($6995/pair)”

    Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile, October 2015


    RMAF 2015 468x60


    GamuT & Pear Audio Blue

    Receives another Audio Oasis Award (Best Sound) from PFO

    “once again his GamuT room was rocking the house! We’re talking really rich, musical sound that made you remember why the hell we got into high-end audio in the first place (and plain-old audio before that!). I met Benno Meldgaard in Michael’s room, as well. A very cool dude, filled with passion for musical systems…it’s clear that GamuT reflects passion like Benno’s.”
    Editor-in-Chief David Robinson, Positive Feedback Online


    “Both (Audio Skies’ rooms) played black discs on Pear Audio turntables and both featured Gamut speakers (RS3 & RS7) and amplification. Both were making arguably—maybe even absolutely—the best sound at RMAF. Shown in the RS7 speaker that JA very favorably reviewed in the September issue.”
    Herb Reichert, Stereophile, October 2015


    The GamuT RS7 ($39,990/pr.) floorstanders really got my attention. Sourced with the Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas/Cornet 2 tonearm and optional power supply ($9995) and Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge ($2729), using all GamuT electronics and cabling, it turned in an amazing performance. Bold dynamics, smooth balance, accurately sized and located images and staging queues, and purity of tone were no problem for this system.,
    Greg Weaver, The Absolute Sound, October 2015


    “the sound was fulsome, lively, dynamic, delicate … in short, it was an effort — as usual — to not start babbling “take my money!” Up top, I found that Kid Thomas turntable from Pear Audio Blue, with the Cornet 2 tonearm ($9,995 for the table/’arm). An Ortofon Cadenza Black ($2,729), one of my favorite cartridges, was run into an Ortofon ST-80 SUT ($1,679), and from there into a Pear Audio Reference 2 phono pre ($4,495).”

    Scot Hull, Part-time Audiophile, Oct 2015


    GamuT, Audio Skies & Acoustic Sounds will host 2 musical parties/events at RMAF featuring the very best new & upcoming Super HiREZ and vinyl from Acoustic Sounds.Friday 6 PM – Room 518Experience great upcoming vinyl from Acoustic Sounds played on Pear Audio Blue’s amazing Kid Thomas/Cornet 2 and Reference phono stage, GamuT’s great M250i/D3i mono/preamp combo, and GamuT stunning new RS7 speakers & complete line of GamuT cablesSaturday 5 PM – Room 502New and upcoming great vinyl from Acoustic Sounds played on the amazing Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas/Cornet 2 turntable/tonearm and their Reference 2-box Phono stage and with GamuT’s great Dual-mono D200i power amp, GamutT’s amazing new RS3 speakers and complete line of GamuT cables.Hosts & DJ’s: Chad Kassem/Acoustic Sounds & Michael Vamos/Audio Skies.Snacks & libations.
    RMAF 2015 468x60 larsen logo

    ROOM 9018

    The high-end music server Aurender has bought the Larsen 8 to demo their top music server at US audio shows.  For the first time at RMAF. Come experience just how good the Larsen speakers are -without any sound treatment or room correction.

    RMAF 2015 468x60 pear audio logo

    Rooms 404, 502 & 510

    Pear Audio Blue will have 3 turntables/tonearms and 2 Phono stages playing in 3 room, on 3 different systems. Stop by and hear analogue playback at it’s best.

    California Audio Show, 2015 Jason Victor Sirinus, Stereophile

    “Best Sound at CAS6”

    Both Pear Audio Blue’s Kid Howard/Cornet 2 turntable/arm and Kid Thomas/Cornet 2 turntable and arm, was awarded Best Sound at CAS6 and each turntable was using Pear Audio Blue’s own phono stages. The Classic Phono served the Kid Howard, and the Reference 2-box phono stage served the Kid Thomas turntable.

    “An LP of Bettye Lavette sounded fabulous, and everything else I heard on this system impressed similarly.”
    Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound
    “Driven by the latest GamuT DI150 Limited Edition integrated ($11,990), the (Larsen) Model 8 was positioned against the long wall and up close to listeners, but it still threw a lavishly detailed soundstage with clean images.”
    pear audio logo


    Art Dudley, Stereophile

    Striking is a fitting description of the player’s powers of scale: The Kid Howard and Cornet 2 created a soundfield that was engagingly, involvingly big. And the parts of that soundfield that weren’t music were impressively “black”: lots of big, black nothingness surrounding very colorful music. Very, as in very. ”


    T.H.E SHOW Newport, 2015 Peter Breuninger, AV Showrooms

    Awards the elusive Gold Show Award – Best Sound – for our room at THE SHOW, Newport, 2015. Thank you very much for that huge honor.

    “At this show, his (Audio Skies) exhibit room with the Larsen loudspeakers – easily one of the best for palpable realism.”

    Larsen THE Show 2015

    T.H.E SHOW Newport, 2015 Editor-In-Chief David Robinson, Positive Feedback Online

    Awards his prestigious Audio Oasis Award to GamuT & Pear Audio Blue for our room at THE SHOW, Newport Beach, 2015. His comments on the room is not on-line yet, as soon as they are will post a link.


    T.H.E SHOW Newport, 2015 SHOW REPORTS

    We would like to thank all the people and reviewers who stopped by and listened and for the many words of high praise. Below is a selection of Show reports from the Hi-Fi press: Enjoy and see you next year.

    Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound

    Gamut’s U.S. distributor, Audio Skies, premiered the new GamuT RS3 stand-mounted two-way. Finished in beautiful cabinetry with integral stands, the $19,000 RS3 was one of the show’s musical highlights, with a spacious yet focused presentation, natural timbres, and engaging musicality.


    Jim Hannon, The Absolute Sound

    “GamuT’s WormHole Signature bi-wire speaker cables, interconnects, and new power cord helped the system in GamuT’s room with the gorgeous GamuT RS3 stand-mounted speakers (North American premiere), D3i Dual-Mono preamplifier, D200i Dual-Mono power amplifier, and Pear Audio Blue’s analog front-end sound naturally detailed with beautiful timbre and outstanding clarity, focus, and dynamics. Indeed, it sounded so impressive that Chad Kassem used it to introduce his new Analogue Productions’ Roger Waters LP reissue of Amused to Death at THE Show to great acclaim.”


    Robert E. Greene, The Absolute Sound

    “The (Larsen) 6s were offering much of the sound of the exceptional Model 8s at a lower price and in a physical presentation that is almost completely self-effacing—small enclosures designed to be placed against the wall. Price: $3800/pr.”


    Herb Reichert, Stereophile

    “I have heard this handsome, but unusual, design twice and enjoyed its relaxed musicality each time. John Larsen played Rickie Lee Jones’ “Chuck E’s in Love,” which I have experienced a zillion times in virtually every system on earth—and still I discovered a bunch of never-heard-before tricks and turns. The sound was clean and tight but also enjoyably relaxed and colorful. Bravo Mr. Larsen!

    Every time I listen to a system with a Pear Audio Blue turntable, designed & built by Tom Fletcher. Like today’s modestly-priced Robin Hood ($2995 with Pear Audio tonearm and Ortofon 2M Black cartridge), the ease, detail and forward momentum remind me of the wisdom of this approach.”

    Sasha Matson, Stereophile

    “A very well assembled system utilizing pieces from three brands that really caught my ears and eyes. At the top of the stream, for LP from Pear Audio Blue, was their Kid Thomas turntable ($9995 with tonearm and power supply)…

    Further downstream was a GamuT Di-150 Limited Edition amplifier ($11,900), which was making its world premiere. And the music goes round and round and came out of a Larsen 8 speaker ($6995/pair). I’m afraid I don’t have notes on whatever else was in the system, as I was so enthralled with the sound”


    Steve Lefkowicz, Positive Feedback Online

    “The middle range Larsen 6 ($3800), with the Pear Audio Blue Robin Hood table and a Pear Audio Blue integrated amp. Thoroughly engaging sound, and more musical and natural in its presentation than many of the more traditionally placed speakers.”


    T.H.E SHOW Newport, 2015 Pre-world premiere of Roger Waters: Amused To DeathIMG_0257

    The Pre-World Premiere of the new 2 LP 200 gram vinyl pressing of Roger Waters’ long awaited Amused To Death from Chad’s fantastic Acoustic Sounds, happened at T.H.E. SHOW Newport, in 2 GamuT & Audio Skies rooms.
    The new remastered Amused To Death coincided with GamuT’s own World Premiere of their brand new Di150 Limited Edition Dual-Mono Integrated Amp . Chad had chosen the 2 GamuT rooms to unveil upcoming vinyl releases from Acoustic Sounds, which culminated in Chad playing his 2 favorite tracks from Amused To Death on Larsen 8, Pear Audio Blue – Kid Thomas/Cornet 2 & GamuT’s new amp.
    People that could fit in the room were delighted by what they heard and thrilled when Roger’s voice first rang out – just like it should sound.
    Afterwards we invited the people over to GamuT’s reference room, where GamuT showcased the new RS3 and were also playing on the Pear Audio Blue – Kid Thomas/Cornet 2 turntable. We killed all the lights and listened to Amused To Death in darkness. It was a delight, and an amazing, experience. People had tears in their eyes, moved by the fantastic music. We want to thank Chad and Acoustic Sound for recreating such a great album and for giving Audio Skies the honor of bringing that music to life.

    600x160-Banner  LARSEN
    Rooms 1446, 1447We just found out that John Larsen is flying in from Sweden to demo his unique Ortho-Acoustic Larsen speakers
    Larsen 6 will be unveiled for the first time ever outside ScandinaviaLarsen 8 will play in a separate room.PEAR AUDIO BLUERooms 408, 410, 1445, 1446, 1447Five rooms with 5 Pear Audio Blue turntables & tonearms & 4 phonostagesA world premiere of Pear Audio Blue’s – Classic Integrated ampRobin Hood, Kid Howard & Kid Thomas turntables & tonearmsReference & Classic phonostagesAnd with a great selection of Vinyl from Chad at Acoustic SoundsIt’s a chance to hear Larsen speakers and Pear Audio Blue turntables, played with a great selection of amps, phonostages and cartridges.Stop by, relax and enjoy wonderful music
    HIFI DELUXE – MUNICHMay 14 – 16 2015 ESP Loudspeakers & Pear Audio Blue – room 718

    Sean McCaughan will demonstrate his new ESP loudspeakers & ESP’s complete line of cables.Pear Audio Blue will demo their Kid Thomas turntable & Cornet 2 tonearm & Tracer 10 cartridge and their Reference phono stage.

    pear audio logo


    Pear Audio Blue

    Kid Thomas Turntable & Cornet 2 tonearm

    Are both Awarded Class A rating in Stereophile’s Recommended Components 2015, in their separate categories. The Kid Thomas is the lowest priced turntable with a Class A rating.

    Thank you very much, Stereophile for this honor.

    larsen logo

    Larsen 8 awarded: Top Picks in Floorstanding Speakers Under $10K


    pear audio logo

    Pear Audio Blue – Reference Phono Stage

    Positive Feedback Online Review 

    by Larry Cox

    the Pear Audio Blue Reference preamplifier delivered the musicality, meaning and a wonderfully transcendent experience of a wordless journey. Where my mind wanders because of the emotions the music conveys”


    EDS CHOICE LOGO 2015 V3[3]-1

    Larsen 8 wins The Absolute Sound’s

    Editors’ Choice Award, 2015

    We’ll just quote the end of their praise:

    “Unusual but superb.”

    Robert E. Greene, The Absolute Sound, March 2015

    larsen logo

    Larsen 8 review in The Absolute Sound – March 2015

    By Robert E. Greene

    lot’s of great praise from Senior reviewer Robert E. Greene. His conclusions:

    “The Larsens, most impressively, really sound the way music actually does sound. The Model 8s are not just another try at making a speaker like all the rest except better, as so many high-end speakers are. Rather, the Larsen Model 8s are something special in their own right.”

    Larsen 8 TAS review

    600x160-Banner-1T.H.E. SHOW NEWPORT

    AUDIO SKIES will unveil several world premieres in rooms

    1446 & 1447

    LARSEN 6 will play on a PEAR AUDIO Blue – Integrated tube amp

    Neither of these models have ever been played at a show and will be unveiled for the very first  time along with other to announced models.

    All together, 2 Larsen speakers, 3 PEAR AUDIO Blue turntable and tonearms and 3 PEAR AUDIO Blue amps & phono stages.

    Room 1446 will be a lounge for people to chill, sample records and listen to great music. So we invite dealer, reviewers and customers to come in and relax with us and lots of amazing music.

    CES-2015SHOW REPORT Thanks the hundreds of people: reviewers, dealers, distributors who took time out to listen to some of the fine high-end audio components we import and distribute.  We met and talked with lots of wonderful people who enjoy music as much we do. Here are sample write-ups from various magazines.We also want to mention that the Larsen 8 was being heard with the amazing GamuT Di150 Dual-mono integrated amp, their CD3 CD-player and all GamuT cables, which was essential to showing off just how good the Larsen 8 can sound and which helped make these reviewers enjoy the music as much as they did.

    Editor Robert Harley (Absolute Sound)


    “This highly unusual design is designed to be placed against a wall, and features a tweeter firing into an angled baffle. At CES, Larson distributor Audio Skies positioned the Model 8s against the hotel-room wall between a large, immobile, and acoustically reflective dresser. Despite this hostile acoustic environment, the Model 8 sounded spectacular. The imaging was at least as good of that of a first-rate speaker placed in a large room well away from the sidewalls. As REG concluded in his review, Larson is really on to something with this unusual design.”

    For full report on the Larsen speakers, click the following link

    Robert Harley CES 2015

    Robert Deutsch (Stereophile)

    “As it turns out, although I may not have heard of the Larsen speaker brand, I have some familiarity with the speaker that that was its predecessor: the Sonab from the 1970s, designed by the late Stig Carlsson, was a speaker that utilized the principle of matching the speaker for against-the-wall placement. John Larsen worked with Stig Carlsson, and the current Larsen 8 ($6995/pair) represents an evolution of the original design by Carlsson.

    And a lovely-sounding speaker it was: a smooth, easy-on-the-ears presentation, tending toward the warm side, avoiding the sharp, forward, clinical sound that characterizes many modern loudspeakers. I can appreciate why the Larsen 8 would attract adherents.”

    For the full report on the Larsen 8, click the link below.

    Stereophile CES 2015

    CES-2015 AUDIO SKIES & GamuT Suite 31-324 at the Venetian Hotel will play Larsen 8 speakers and 2 different Pear Audio Blue turntables and their new Reference 2-box phono stage on 2 different GamuT systems. Call or write for more info.
    RMAF 2014PFO’s AUDIO OASIS AWARD Audio_Oasis_Audio_Skies_ESP_Pear_GamuTEditor-in-Chief David Robinson, PFO:

    “The result was immediately reminiscent of all of the audio strengths that I valued in the ESP: Full-range sound, with organic rightness all through the frequency range; harmonic balance; midrange lusciousness; and wonderful soundstaging, due to the design of the ESP enclosures. No narrow sweet spot here! A very open sound that you could literally walk into…and through…was highly appealing to me.

    There was no doubt about it: This year the Audio Skies room with ESP and Pear Audio was very worthy of an Audio Oasis! Award.”

    Editor David Robinson awarded this fine award for our great sounding room at RMAF, for this system:

    ESP Double Bass speakers

    Pear Audio Blue – Kid Thomas/Cornet 2 turntable and tonearm

    Pear Audio Blue Tracer 10 MM cartridge

    Pear Audio Blue – Green Dragon tube power amp

    Pear Audio Blue – Reference preamp/phono-stage

    All ESP speaker, interconnect and power cables

    GamuT CD3, CD-player

    For pictures and all of David’s comments on our room please visit:



    ROCKY MOUNTAIN AUDIO FEST 2014October 10 – 12



    ROOM 522 & 518

    Legendary ESP Loudspeakers are back in the US

    2 new ESP loudspeakers as well as a new full line of ESP cables from

    Legendary loudspeaker designer Sean McCaughan, the man behind the sublime ESP Concert Grand SI

    Stop by and listen as Sean McCaughan unveils his newest speakers and cables.

    Sean has also upgraded the already sublime Concert Grand SI’s and Bodram speakers.

    We now accept advance orders on all ESP speakers.


    Turntables & tonearms

    designed by Tom Fletcher (Nottingham Analogue) & Peter Mezek

    Pear Audio Analogue’s introduces their new top of the line Reference  tube pre amp & power amp

    along with three of their Blue turntables & tonearms

    pear audio logoJULY 2014

    PEAR AUDIO Blue – Robin Hood

    Their newest entry level model has just been released and we are now accepting advance orders. Please call for more info or nearest dealer.


    Robin Hood – Natural finish (sits on top of the Pear Audio Blue – Turntable Platform)

    Also comes with the option of a colored top and a black platter.

    pear audio logo

    July 2014

    The Record Collector News – REVIEW


    “Many music lovers’ most cherished albums are worn — making it vital to extract a maximum amount of infor-mation while keeping surface noise low. We heard one such turntable at T.H.E. Show in Newport. The Pear Audio Blue — Kid Thomas and Cornet 2 arm is one of those rare turntables able to extract an astounding amount of music from worn records. Yet it managed to keep surface noise extremely low.

    Pear Audio Blue is the last design by the great turntable designer, Tom Fletcher of Nottingham Analogue. Fletcher designed Pear Audio Blue with his good friend Peter Mezek who hand-builds each model. According to their distributor, Pear Audio Blue is not a revolution, rather an evolution in Fetcher’s turn-table design. A slew of tiny yet vital improvements in design and materials to create a turntable totally in phase. One major improvement is a new plinth made from a unique wood Fletcher found to be sonically ideal.

    Pear Audio Blue still employs the low torque motor started and stopped by hand. The motor stands separate from the plinth. With its solid wood plinth and massive 25 lbs., 2.5-inch platter the turntable looked stunning yet simple, without all the bling.

    While listening, all the unwanted energy generated during replay vanished as if a veil had been lifted and all that was left was music — so much detail and clarity without highlighting any part. The Kid Thomas is as dynamic and musical a turntable as they come. A very “alive’ quality to its presentation that kept you wanting for more.

    Pear Audio Blue will be at the California Audio Show. You should stop by and listen.

    Pear Audio Blue – Kid Thomas/Cornet 2 arm, with optional power supply: $9995. Three smaller models exist. Cartridge: Ortofon Cadenze Bronze. U.S. distributor: audioskies.com



    Thanks the hundreds of people: reviewers, dealers, distributors and of course potential customers, who took time out to listen to some of the fine high-end audio components we import and distribute.  We meet and talked with lots of wonderful people who enjoy music as much as we do. Here are some pics and write-ups for various magazines. More to follow.

    Jason Victor Serinus (Stereophile)

    “Thanks to Michael Vamos’ Audio Skies of Los Angeles, the intriguingly designed, diminutive Larsen 8 ortho-acoustic loudspeakers ($6995/pair), which are intended for placement against a wall, delivered really fine spatiality and lovely sound. Credit is also due a Pear Audio Blue front end (turntable, arm, phono stage), Ortofon and GamuT electronics, and Anzus power conditioner and cabling.”


    Robert E. Greene (Absolute Sound)

    Larsen Model 8
    “John Larsen and U.S. Distributor Audio Skies (Michael Vamos) were showing the Larsen Model 8 ($7k/pr.), a further development of the ideas of the late legendary Stig Carlsson on how to make a speaker produce correct sound in actual listening rooms. (Larsen worked closely with Carlsson and is carrying on his work). The Model 8s are to be placed against the wall and are designed to provide a clean and uncluttered first arrival, with room reflections delayed and/or attenuated compared to conventional speakers, but with reflected sound that is correctly balanced when it does arrive. This speaker offered a unique and convincing sound, with a differentiation against the room around reminiscent of wall-mounted speakers of the past—Allison, Snell, and Carlsson’s own work—but with new improvements, to judge from a first listen. This is a most intriguing and inventive approach to making speakers sound in actual listening rooms. I am getting a pair for review and looking forward to it.”


    Pete Trewin (hi-fi+)

    “This Pear Audio Blue – Kid Thomas Turntable with Pear Audio Blue – Cornet 2 Tonearm, coupled with an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze Cartridge, was very impressive.  The Lehman Decade phonostage at $2,099 complemented the set up very well.  My sources tell me that there is a new entry level model on the way, which will have a promotional price of around $2,995. Be on the look out for this!”


    Tom Hackforth (hi-fi+)

    The $6,999 Larsen 8 is rare in US markets as it is designed as a boundary loudspeaker, intended for close to wall use. Nevertheless, it can reach down to a healthy 23Hz.  These are fine music makers, with a wide sonic stage and a good bass.


    LARSEN 8, PEAR AUDIO Blue – Kid Howard/Tracer 2/Ortofon, Classic phono stage

    with GamuT Di150 & CD3 & Ansuz cables


    LARSEN 6, Wine-Red & JWN tube amp.


    PEAR AUDIO Blue – Kid Thomas/Cornet 2/Ortofon Cadenza Bronze


    M250i mono amps, D3i pre-amp, CD3, RS5 speakers & cables

    Lehmann phono stage

    and we’ll leave the last word to

    Dave Clark (Editor of Positive Feedback)

    Audio Skies’ room with Gamut, and Pear Audio Analogue. Liked this room a lot.”




    THE SHOW – NEWPORT BEACHMay 30 – June 1 2014

    AUDIO SKIES invites you to room 730 & 734 at The Hilton Hotel

    Unveiling new high-end audio components from:




    John Larsen of LARSEN’s Ortho-Acoustic speakers will be present.

    PEAR AUDIO BLUE will unveil their latest turntable.

    Danish high-end brand GAMUT will unveil their new RS5 speaker and a new line of cables.

    Along with plenty of other great audio components from LARSEN, PEAR AUDIO BLUE & GAMUT.

    larsen logoMay 2014


    Most of us learned the hard way that correct speaker placement is half the battle. Yet still today most conventional speakers are designed to function best in anechoic chambers (rooms without sound reflections). But most of us in the real world live in rooms that have walls. To get optimal sound from conventional speakers demands precise placement far from the walls, followed by extensive sound treatment, such as absorbers and diffusers, leaving you with a narrow listening area and even less space to live in.

    The Swedish Larsen 8 speakers, we heard at The Show in Vegas, are designed to eliminate early sound reflections be incorporating the listening room in their design process. The Larsen speaker has angled drivers flanked by absorption material and are designed to be placed against the front wall, all design innovations to eliminate early distorting sound reflexes, while taking the guess work out of placement. The speakers provided a wide listening area, with great sound in the off-center positions, allowing you to listen to music with your friends.

    We found the Larsen’s sound to be very natural, musical and live like – and in a room without any sound treatment. The speaker virtually disappears visually and audibly — leaving you with just the music. Very impressive sound!

    Experience the Larsen speaker at THE NEWPORT SHOW May 30-June 1, 2014 in room 730 at the Hilton Hotel.

    LARSEN 8 speakers: $6995. Two smaller models exists, starting at $1995.


    T.H.E. SHOW – LAS VEGAS 7 – 10 of JanuarySHOW REPORT




















































    Jan 2014


    Thanks the hundreds of people: reviewers, dealers, distributors and of course potential customers, who took time out to listen to some of the fine high-end audio components we import and distribute. Despite low attendence due to the East Coast snow storm, THE SHOW was a great success for us and we meet and talked with lots of wonderful people who enjoy music as much as we do. Here are some pics and write-ups for various magazines. More to follow.

    Best Sounds from ReMusic.it

    “The Swedish Larsen makes these very interesting two-way and 1/2 speakers designed to be placed against the front wall. The Larsen 8 speakers perform amazingly as for image depth and harmonic balance. Great sound helped by Gamut amplification and source.”


    Michael Fremer (Stereophile & Analogue Planet):

    “The sound in this room was exceptionally “musical” (hate the term but in the context of a hi-fi show it’s useful), the gear “room friendly” and the prices reasonable. I was impressed!”

    For full review, see:


    Pete Davey – Positive Feedback Online

    Pete Davey – Larsen model – 8 loudspeaker. Well deserving of the PFO writers choice award. Accurate imaging, soundstage and presence. Retail – $7000.

    More write-ups to follow.

    Room set-up:

    Pear Audio Blue -Kid Thomas Turntables, with the Cornet 2 tonearm

    Pear Audio Blue – optional power supply

    Pear Audio Blue – Classic phono stage

    Larsen – Model 8 speakers

    Gamut – Di150 dual mono integrated amp

    Gamut – CD3 Redbook CD player

    Audience – power cables

    Pear Audio Blue – Kid Thomas turntable with Cornet 2 arm


    Complete system – visually small but with great sound


    Close-up of the Pear Audio Blue – Classic phono stage, power supply and Gamut electronics


    Peter Mezek (left, Pear Audio Analogue) & John Larsen (right, Larsen speakers)


    Peter Mezek with his Kid Howard Turntable and Tracer 1 arm and the Larsen 6 speakers


    gamut-logoJan 2014

    Audio Skies is proud to become West Coast Rep for GamuT

    Call or write for dealer info

    T.H.E. SHOW – LAS VEGAS 7 – 10 of January, 2014Dec 2013



    For the first time in the US: unveiling 3 brands with pedigree


    Ortho-Acoustic Speakers

    by John Larsen & Anders Eriksson


    Turntables & tonearms

    designed by Tom Fletcher (Nottingham Analogue) & Peter Mezek

    ESP Loudspeakers

    A new line of cables

    by Sean McCaughan (ESP Concert Grand SI)

    Two of the manufacturers will be present at The Show

    esp_loudspeakers_brand_page_logo-1Dec 2013 AUDIO SKIES is proud to represent ESP Loudspeakers and cables.

    Sean McCaughan, the creator of the legendary ESP Concert Grand SI speakers have created a new speaker: ESP Bassoon and a full line of cables. Both speaker and cables follows ESP’s strict adherence to quality without compromise and are hand-built by Sean himself.

    larsen logoDec 2013 PFO’s 2013 Choice Award: The Best of the Best: LARSEN 8
    Larsen Award
    Oct 2013 Larsen 8 review in Positive Feedback issue 69 by Larry CoxPositive-Feedback issue 69PF ISSUE 69 LARSEN review
    Aug 2013 Larsen 8 review in Swedish HiFi & Musik magazine, No. 3 2013 by Mats Meyer-LieHere is a translated version of the review from Swedish.Larsen 8 review HiFi & musikA copy of the original article can ordered at www.hifi-musik.se
    pear audio logo

    May 2013
    Pear Audio Blue turntables & tonearms arrives in the US

    Audio Skies is proud to be the importer and distributor of Pear Audio Blue, designed by legendary turntable designer Tom Fletcher. Read more under brands or contact us with questions or for dealer info.

    April 2013
    Larsen speakers for the first time in the US

    Audio Skies is proud be the importer and distributor of Larsen speakers in USA & Canada. Read more under brands or contact us with questions or for dealer info.
    larsen logo

    Larsen 4 review in High-Fidelity magazine

    Hi-fi test Larsen 4 Danish
    HI-FI test Larsen4
     logo JWN

    JWN Hand built tube amp reviewed in Positive Feedback

    Positive Feedback & JWN
    logo JWN

    JWN hand-built tube amp reviewed By Dick Olsher

    Dick Olsher review of JWN

    RMAF 2015 468x60