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    RS5 Pair (white background)

    Gamut – renowned Danish manufacturer of handcrafted State-of-the-art audio components – designs and builds no-compromise loudspeakers, amplifiers and a complete line of cables. Musical sculptures with iconic luxury design, that brings natural and emotionally engaging musical performance into your home.

    GamuT speakers

     GamuT RSi-speaker cabinets are made with 21 layers of handpicked real wood of various kind and thickness, which is then carefully curved to form an exquisite shape that eliminates any standing waves or distortion. This rigid and lightweight cabinet has no phase delay and all drivers are phase aligned at all frequencies. The result is the ultimate musical, organic and dynamic musical reproduction which makes the speakers disappear and leaves you emotionally engaged.

    The new Phi-i series continues the well-renowned Phi-series with an elegant slim Scandinavian design and a very high build-quality. Utilizing trickle-down technology and DNA from GamuT’s critically acclaimed reference speakers – the RS-i series – the new Phi-i speakers were totally redesigned and optimized in almost every aspect. The sound is big and very involving, and great attention has been paid to have correct timing and an organic sound that involves the listener emotionally.

    GamuT amps

    Likewise GamuT amps are built around GamuT’s proprietary single MosFet design, which features just one huge NPN MosFet per rail, and they are both identical NPN MosFet’s. Not a negative and a positive like conventional designs. The result? A musical sounding amp with all the advantages of the best solid-state amps, but all the musicality and natural sound of the very best tube amps. When Hi-Fi+ awarded the GamuT M250i Power Amp of The Year, 2016, they wrote: “the Holy Grail of Power ampflier design”.

    GamuT Cables

    Get the most from your system by investing in the right connections. Gamut’s Reference cables are precisely designed to work hand-in-hand with your speakers and amplifiers, making surethat absolutely nothing gets in the way of you enjoying the full dynamic potential of your system.

    All GamuT components are designed, tested and handcrafted in Denmark.

    Click this link to be brought to GamuT’s website: or contact us directly for more info.



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    Stig Carlsson invented the unique acoustic design principle used in Larsen speakers. A patented design developed when Mr. Carlsson created speakers for Sonab in the 60’s and 70’s. John Larsen, the designer behind Larsen, worked with Mr. Carlsson for sixteen years, learned all of Carlsson’s design secrets and took over the plant, when Mr. Carlsson’s died. Larsen has further improved upon these innovative design principles to build the Larsen speakers. Larsen believes in evolution and not revolution when it comes to his products.

    Larsen speakers are designed to stand against the wall. This placement, combined with the unique positioning and angle of the drivers, flanked by absorption material, creates a rich three-dimensional soundstage with a wide listening area; virtually eliminating the wall behind the speakers and eliminating early sound reflections from interfering with the direct sound from the speaker. Making the speaker work with the room, not against it, like almost all conventional speakers. Anyone with a narrow, small, odd-sized room with bad acoustics, will get better sound in their room with a Larsen speaker

    Neutral, natural and alive with an amazing ability to recreate the 3D sound stage, with a vivid and visceral tone quality are just some of the outstanding listening characteristics. Feel the excitement of the musicians, as you experience the thrill of the music in your own living room. It’s the next best thing to hearing it live.

    The principles of Ortho-acoustics used in Larsen speakers

    Reflected sound from boundary surfaces is a part of the recording and listening process. This reflected sound adds natural timbre and fullness to the music. Larsen speakers are designed and constructed to thrive and perform phenomenally in “normal” rooms, by incorporating surface reflections in the design process; enriching the listening experience, instead of degrading it

    Conventional speakers are designed for, and tested in a room without sound reflections. Which is why conventional speakers often sound dull or have huge dips and peeks in their frequency response in “normal” rooms, thus creating a huge discrepancy between stated and real performance.

    Designed to be placed against the wall, virtually disappearing – Visually and audibly.

    It’s just you and your music!

    LARSEN 4 – Great sound in small packages


    “The tonal balance, thanks to the help of the rear wall, which has been carefully taken ito account by the designer, is simply perfect: the bass range is powerful, articulated and never boomy”

    TNT Audio

    Even though Larsen 4 is our smallest model, it is still built and designed on the same principles as out top model, Larsen 8 and like all Larsen speakers designed to be placed against the wall, while eliminating the need for room treatment. Despite its relative small dimensions the Larsen 4 creates a deep and precise bass all the way down to 28 Hz, an impressive mid-range, topped by of a transparent tweeter, playing well beyond its physical dimensions.

    Now you can experience music that sounds fantastic at a price that’s music for your ears.

    Crossover frequency: 2,5kHz
    Sensitivity: 87db
    Impedance: 8 Ohm
    Weight: 11,5 kg/ 26 lbs
    Dimensions: (H x W x D): 30 x 9 x 10 inches

    Finishes: maple lacquer
    Mahogany Maple Lacquer
    LARSEN 6 – Natural and musical

    Larsen 6 2

    “The final aspect of the Larsen speakers that is highly commendable is their natural tonality…Listening to some early Bill Evans, the Larsen’s nail the complex overtones of the piano with ease, not a feat all speakers can accomplish.”

    Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio Tone Audio Larsen 6 review

    Larsen 6 is designed and built on the same principles as our current top model Larsen 8. The Larsen 6 is also equipped with the same high quality bass and tweeter ScanSpeak drivers as the Larsen 8 and ready for bi-wire speaker cables. Creating a deep and precise bass all the way down to 26 Hz. Above it, a true and clean mid-range, topped off by a clear and transparent tweeter. Larsen 6 presents the high-end technologies of our top model in a timeless design. Creating a muscular, neutral and amazing three-dimensional soundstage for serious audiophiles to enjoy.

    Crossover frequency: 2,5kHz
    Sensitivity: 88db
    Impedance: 8 Ohm
    Weight: 12,5 kg/ 28 lbs
    Dimensions: (H x W x D): 30 x 9 x 10 inches

    Finishes: cherry                     maple lacquer
    Cherry Mahogany Maple Lacquer

    LARSEN 8 – 


    “The Larsen’s, most impressively, really sound the way music actually does sound.”

    Robert E. Greene, The Absolute Sound – TAS Larsen 8 review

    The Larsen 8 is winner of The Absolute Sounds Editor’s Choice Award 3 years running.


    The Larsen 8 is designed to stand against the wall, like all Larsen speakers. This placement, combined with the unique positioning and angle of the drivers, flanked by absorption material, creates a rich and deep three-dimensional soundstage with a wide listening area. The two high quality Scan-Speak drivers, working together under 300 Hz inside separate chambers, create a deep, crisp and precise bass, all the way down to 23 Hz. Above it, a true and clean mid-range, topped off by a clear and transparent high quality Scan-Speak tweeter with great dispersion and fluidity. The stainless steel plate around the extremely light polymer membrane in the tweeter is a first; and because it is integrated completely, it reproduces the upper octaves with more body, an amazing treble character and a more linear frequency response.

    Natural and transparent with an amazing ability to recreate the 3D sound stage with a vivid and visceral tone quality, are just some of the outstanding listening characteristics of the Larsen 8. Feel the excitement of the musicians, as you experience the thrill of the music in your own living room. It’s the next best thing to hearing music live.

    Crossover frequency: 300Hz, 2,5kHz
    Sensitivity: 88db
    Impedance: 8 Ohm
    Bass drivers: 2 X 177 mm
    Weight: 25 kg/ 55 lbs
    Dimensions: (H x W x D): 36 x 11 x 13 inches

    Finishes: cherry maple lacquer
    Cherry Mahogany Maple Lacquer

    LARSEN 9 – As good as it gets

    Taking the critically acclaimed and ingenious designs from the Larsen 8 to its fullest potential in the Larsen 9 speaker. With curved wood sides and frame, wooden slots for ports, and with the top-of-the-line Illuminator drivers from ScanSpeak and top model crossover components from Danish Jensen, Furutech connectors  the new and stylish Larsen 9 checks all the boxes and creates the ultimate speaker for the real world.

    2-1/2 way design

    Sensitivity; 87.5db

    Impedance: 4 Ohm

    Weight: 25kg./55 lbs.

    Dimensions: (H X W X D): 36 X 13 X 13 inches

    Finishes: Birch, Walnut, Ebony, Black or White

    All Larsen speakers are handmade by John Larsen in Skillingaryd, Sweden, with help from local suppliers. Every Larsen speaker goes through extensive quality control before leaving his plant.

    For more information please click on the Larsen logo above.

    pear audio logo

    PearAudioBlue©PeterUhan_0 2


    Pear Audio Analogue introduces a range of turntables and tonearms based on Tom Fletcher’s last ideas on turntable construction. Unrestricted from past designs Tom Fletcher designed a new range of turntables and tonearms for his good friend Peter Mezek, called Pear Audio Blue.

    Pear Audio Blue turntables and tonearms do not represent a revolution, but rather an evolution in Tom Fletcher’s approach to turntable design.

    Several features of Tom Fletcher’s designs from Nottingham Analogue remain. Pear Audio Blue uses the same motor principle and the motor still has to be initially spun by hand. This motor principle drastically reduces the resonance going from the motor to the platter and ensures speed accuracy.

    Pear Audio Blue features an essential parameter in turntable design: matching materials able to control resonance naturally and that are sonically in phase. Components are selected to work perfectly together, making the whole more than the sum of its parts – creating a turntable in sonic harmony.

    Special attention has been placed on a new bearing development along with a new and improved plinth. An improved motor arrangement and a different platter were implemented along with other improvements to achieve superior organic sound quality. The perfect marriage of materials results in astonishing realism, tonal quality and balance, with a realistic and deep 3D soundstage. You’ll be able to hear an astonishing, near-live performance of your favorite musicians.

    Tom Fletcher and Peter Mezek often listened to New Orleans jazz together so each turntable is named after famous New Orleans jazz musicians. Each model is built upon the same design principles and all offer high performance sound, quality build and value way beyond their price.

    Each model is handcrafted and undergoes extensive quality control before being shipping.

    For more information click the Pear Audio Blue logo.


    Our brand new entry level turntable with a double layer plinth made of Baltic Birch state-of-the art engineered wood, with sonic properties way beyond similar “looking” engineered wood plinths. It uses the same high quality low torque motor and design principles as the top model, Kid Thomas. Comes standard in Gloss Baltic Birch or can be ordered with a Gloss Black, Orange or Burgundy finish.



    Same solid wood plinth material as the top model Kid Thomas, but the same compact size as the Robin Hood, but with the platter from the Kid Howard and superior feet and motor insulation. same high quality low torque motor and design principles as the top model, Kid Thomas. Available in wood or Black silk gloss finish.

    Kid Howard

    “Striking is a fitting description of the player’s powers of scale: The Kid Howard and Cornet 2 created a soundfield that was engagingly, involvingly big.” – Art Dudley, Stereophile – Stereophile Kid Howard review


    The Kid Howard is made of the same unique solid wood plinth and utilizes a separate motor housing as the two top Pear Audio Blue models. Like all Pear Audio Blue turntables it is made from the same materials and uses the same low torque motor as the top model, the Kid Thomas.  The Kid Howard delivers sound and musical ability way beyond expectations at this price range. Available in wood or Black silk gloss finish.

    Kid Punch


    As striking in appearance as it is in performance, with a suspended double-layer plinth identical to the one on the top model, Kid Thomas. A turntable for the serious audiophile who demands high performance sound quality. Available in wood or Black silk gloss finish.

    Kid Thomas

    “That midrange was something special, with black backgrounds and tapelike musical flow and drive.”

    Michael Fremer, Stereophile – Stereophile Kid Thomas review.

    Building upon the solid foundation of the Kid Punch, every design principle of the Kid Thomas is taken to it’s fullest potential, regardless of cost, creating a sublime turntable in sonic harmony, able to reproduce the momentum, the timbre and the excitement of your music, just as you would experience a live concert. A 2.5 inch platter, with a double layer plinth and massive separate motor housing and armboard. Available in wood or Black silk gloss finish.

    The Kid Thomas is the lowest priced turntable awarded a Class A rating from Stereophile’s Recommended Components.


    Building upon the solid foundation of the Kid Thomas, the Odar was created for the discerning analog lover who wants the very best. Featuring two armboards, capable of using either 10 or 12 inch arms, and delivered with a Cornet 2 12 inch tonearm, massive motor housing, massive 14 inch diameter platter, platform in the same solid wood material as the gorgeous plinth and a separate power supply – the Odar can deliver the musicality, a huge soundstage with staggering dynamics and incredible tape-like flow and timing.

    The Odar turntable was awarded Best Sound at its world premiere at the Munich High-end show by The Absolute Sound, Enjoy The Music & AV Showrooms.

    Cornet tonearms

    Cornet 1 and Cornet 2 tonearms designed by Tom Fletcher are the triumphant culmination of the Tom’s continuing development of the Space Arm.

    Unipivot arms are usually designed with the pivot sitting in a silicone bath. The problem with this design is that the silicone bath takes quite a while to settle down so the sound of the arm changes as it plays. Many unipivots uses eccentric counter weights to insure proper azimuth.

    Cornet’s unipivot design uses a new approach to maintain azimuth, along with a special material developed, with viscosity properties that does not flow and does not require “settling time”. A hi-tech carbon fibre tube with fibres along the length and not wrapped around the arm, greatly increasing the strength, resonance control and rigidity of the arm.

    Cornet arms also have an unusual new headshell design. Meticulous attention to the material went in to the development, producing an arm more sonically in phase. The headshell also has no finger lift. These features ensure that the arm is properly balanced and no uncontrolled resonances run around the headshell.

    The Cornet 2 tonearm is available both as a 10 inch arm and as a 12 inch arm.

    CORNET 1


    CORNET 2

    “The improvements that Tom Fletcher made to his final design have translated in better-focused, more transparent, faster-paced sound.” – Michael Fremer, Stereophile 



    “The Pear Audio Blue Reference preamplifier delivered the musicality, meaning and a wonderfully transcendent experience of a wordless journey. When my mind wanders because of the emotions the music conveys, that’s a component that captures my interest.” Larry Cox, Positive Feedback Online – PFO Pear Audio Blue – Reference preamp review


    Pear Audio Analogue creates a complete line of hybrid tube audio gear; including preamps, power amps, integrated amps and phono stages.  Pear Audio Blue amplifiers feature excellent design, remarkable build quality and great components.  The result is nothing less than the joy and satisfaction that happens when recorded music that sounds like real music – silky smooth and dynamic.
    Pear Audio Blue tube electronics are marvels of minimalist design, providing the purest possible sound without any unnecessary components or frills.  All of our amplifier products offer sonic performance far above and beyond what should expected at their respective price points.

    The amps are hybrid amps, meaning the output section uses MosFet’s and the input section uses tubes. The Phono stages and preamps are pure tube amps, while the power amps and integrated amps are hybrids, with MosFets in the output stage and tubes in the input stage. Its the best of both worlds. Using MosFets in the output stage means far great dynamics and control over the bass and without ever having to change output tubes or doing any bias. Keeping carefully selected tubes for the input stage and the preamp section means they retain that natural musical sound.
    Pear Audio Blue amplifiers all share the following features:

    •    Shortest possible circuit paths
    •    High quality valves
    •    Point-to-point wiring
    •    Matched components
    •    Hand-built in the UK
    •    Low noise floor
    •    High quality connectors
    •    Large Toroidal transformers

    Pear Audio Blue amplifiers are available in three series: Elemental, Classic or Reference. Preamps and integrated amps are available with or without integrated phono sections.

    Elemental Series

    Simple circuits provides great sound, unsurpassed at their very modest price point.
    •    Elemental Phono Stage
    •    Elemental Preamp w/ Phono
    •    Elemental Power Amp (Hybrid)
    •    Elemental Integrated amp (Hybrid)
    •    Elemental Integrated Amp w/ Phono (Hybrid)

    Classic Series

    The addition of tube regulated power supplies provide a smoother, more refined sound.  These amps deliver tremendous performance and a fantastic value
    •    Classic Phono Stage
    •    Classic Preamp w/ Phono
    •    Classic Power Amp (Hybrid)
    •    Classic Integrated Amp (Hybrid)

    Reference Series

    Featuring outboard power supplies and the highest quality components, we believe that our Reference series delivers the best value and sound experience compared with any other audio product on the market.
    •    Phono Stage
    •    Preamp w/ Phono
    •    Power Amps (mono block, pair – Hybrid)











    Raidho – renowned Danish manufacturer of handcrafted State-of-the-art loudspeakers – designs and builds no-compromise loudspeakers. Musical sculptures with iconic luxury design, that brings you the highest levels of resolution and detail with the lowest levels of distortion, resulting in absolute musical reproduction. At the heart of every Raidho speaker is their proprietary ribbon tweeter. Regardless of price, every Raidho speaker has this amazing ribbon tweeter. Raidho also designs and produces the very best drivers in the business, using state-of-the-art techniques to create the stiffest and lightest drivers available today. The crossover uses the very best components to match the performance of the Raidho ribbon tweeter and drivers. All of this is of course houses in eksquisite cabinets that eliminate and standing waves and mirrors the quality of the brand and the astounding sound of the speakers. Their chief designer is Benno Baun Meldgaard, who is also chief designer for GamuT.



    The Pneupod NP-1 is an innovative  and ingenious pneumatic isolation device developed by Pneuance Audio. This product uses air compression as its major isolation method. The rubber diaphragm is a clever way of containing the air and allowing it to isolate in all planes.

    The Pneupod device decouples and isolate) the attached component from the platform on which it sits. This is in contrast to devices designed to couple to the platform. Spikes (made of aluminum, wood, brass, ceramic, carbon fiber, stainless steel, etc.) tend to rigidly couple the component to its platform.

    The resulting sound performance as soon as the Pneupod feet are used, is very effective and immediate and adds significant clarity and immediacy, regardless of the source.

    For nearest dealer, or for dealer inquiries please contact us:

    For more info, please visit:






    AUDIO SKIES is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor for Levin Design handmade record brushes. We mostly demo an analog source at shows and dealers and the Levin record brush is the best brush we have ever tried. It actually absorbs the dust and dirt instead of just pushing it around the record. 
    The brushes are gorgeous, handmade with real animal hair, washable, durable and come in a variety of wood finishes. Matching cartridge brushes are also available.
    Starting at $99

    The Levin record cleaning brushes are produced by traditional brush manufacturer methods, that means the natural hair pull in by hand. 

    –  it is an antistatic brush

    –  has a new geometry, the dust is absorbed from the record surface into 
       the natural goat hair structure. 

    –  handle has been extended so that a beautiful haptic is created (approx. 16.cm) 
    –  a various range of handle materials (technical plastic and precious wood ) 

    –  sustainable / durable
    –  handmade in Germany 





    Sean McCaughan, creator of the legendary ESP Concert Grand SI speakers has created three new speakers: The ESP Cello/Bassoon, the ESP Tuba, The ESP Double Bass – as was well as a complete line of cables. Like all other ESP components these new products follow the same strict adherence to quality without compromise. Sean has furthermore revised and improved upon his already sublime Concert Grand SI’s and Bodram speakers.

    ESP audio components are designed and built by an enthusiastic music lover and frequent concertgoer who is also one of the world’s great speaker designers. That is why ESP speakers sound so extraordinarily close to live music and why they have been owned by so many musically discerning reviewers and industry insiders.

    ESP audio components are hand-built and tested by the designer himself, working with a small team of master artisans. This allows us to go to perfectionist extremes that others do not; our design and build quality are absolutely without compromise.

    ESP audio components are often said by reviewers and industry insiders to sonically surpass the most expensive speakers in the world; yet while ESP parts are very costly and all ESP components are handcrafted and of uncompromising build quality that does indeed exceed those of speakers priced well above ours, our prices reflect a concern for value which is second only to our concern for absolutely unsurpassed musical realism.

    ESP audio components deliver unparalleled musical involvement. There is nothing “hi-fi” or artificial about our sound.  Our speakers are legendary for their timbre, their natural tonal balance, seamlessness, dimensionality, dynamic ease, and presence, which lead to more involving, longer music sessions.

    ESP audio components are classics, with time-tested design, perfectionist build quality, non-intrusive furniture-grade looks, and sound quality so close to that of live music that they will allow you to get off the upgrade merry-go-round once and for all.

    For more information and individual models please contact us: info@audioskies.com