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    Audio Skies’ retail philosophy

    We carry brands from manufacturers who over decades have honed their skills and specialized in one area of audio equipment. They are all experts in their particular field of audio components. What the brands we carry all have in common is a commitment to create high-end hi-fi that enables you to listen to music as you would hear it live; with a natural sound, a huge 3D soundstage, an “alive” sound quality. So you can hear the excitement of the musicians and are able to fully capture every moment of the music. Audio components that does not color the music or become over-analytical but lets you enjoy for hours and hours… and that offers an unrivaled value compared to its price. We only represent brands that are the very offers the very best sound and quality and at price that will make them the top contender in value for your bucks.

    Likewise we strive to find the very best retailers for our brands, which is a slow process, as great retailers are not found at every corner. We want you to be able to go in to one of our retailers and get informed quality information – not only about our brands – but also about how they would fit with what you need, already have and the space our brands will function in. None of our brands will be available in on-line stores. We believe in order to find the perfect audio components that fits your need, you need to hear it. Specs is only a small part of the story and ultimately they won’t tell you how something sounds. Try to describe the sound of a warm summer breeze!

    We also believe in supporting our brick-and-mortar dealers. These dealers go through considerable expense to be able to demonstrate top quality gear for their customers. Often people are able to save a little on buying from someone out of state, but then you will not get a free set-up or have local support if something does not work out. You are on your own and need to pay a local dealer for their help.

    To find your nearest dealer, call us or write us an email and we will direct you to your nearest dealer.

    Thanks for looking at our brands and enjoy the music!